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SchoolPage makes being a topper look easy! Offering students live 1-to-1 online tutoring by the best teachers in the field, SchoolPage will ensure that your children will breeze through their exams. With over 3 years of tutoring experience, no one knows the needs of online tutoring better than us. Our signature SchoolPage e-tutoring System (STS), combined with expert tutors, a continuous feedback loop and customised lesson plans guarantees top performances in class while ensuring that your child enjoys the process of learning.


Deep Insights in Online Education

With insights of over 3 years in conducting live online sessions mean that SchoolPage has intricate understanding of how online learning works and what are the different needs to students, parents and tutors for taking them. Very few companies can match this experience.


Expert Tutors

We have exceptional teachers who are passionate about student-focussed approaches to teaching and are great at addressing every child’s specific challenges and needs. With their motivational approach that encourages interaction and provides feedback, they ensure that children grasp concepts thoroughly and learn to think analytically.


Customized Plans

Employing a need-based approach, our personalised, one-on-one tutoring encourages the child to raise questions and clear doubts that he would otherwise hesitate to bring up in school. Since every child has unique needs, this customised, student-centric style is designed to address them and help the child sail through exams.


Signature teaching methodology

Our global academics team has created a unique SchoolPage e-Tutoring System (STS), based on Richard E. Mayers’ ‘Cognitive Theory of Multimedia Learning’. Highly interactive, this teaching methodology ensures better engagement, superior retention and great results.


Cutting Edge Technology

Connecting teachers and students virtually, a shared live online whiteboard brings in the essence of a classroom and is personalised for each child. It gives the student a unique, personal learning experience. To cater to the need for continuous revision, on-demand session replays are available to every student.


Personal Attention

Tutoring sessions are tailored to a child’s abilities, interests and learning style. Our tutoring sessions offer one-to-one adaptive methods, personalised interactive learning and high-quality tutoring. Frequent assessments, exercises and regular feedback is given to the child and learning is optimised using the latest educational tools.


Continuous feedback to parents

A continuous feedback and reporting mechanism keeps parents in the loop regarding the progress their child is making. This collaborative approach ensures that children are well-prepared for exams and deliver excellent results.

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